Without question, technology is certainly that one thing that has positively impacted the entire globe within the last few decades. As a matter of fact, the whole idea of technology has rendered many of our traditional jobs redundant. For instance, laptops have replaced typewriters, barcode scanners have automated the work of cashiers and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have also replaced a handful number of bank jobs, these are only a few of the long list of the effect of technology in the modern scenery.

Having said this, there is an inexhaustive list of innovations and impact that technology has brought into our world, which is why it then becomes very necessary to consider the impact of technology on jobs and employment opportunities generally.

To start with, while it may seem as though the advancement of technology has led to absence of initial job slots occupied by human beings, it has actually opened doors for more jobs. This is due to the fact that technological innovation eventually results in increased level of consumer demand and the consequence of this is that more people would then be needed to meet these demands, hence, more employment opportunities, even much more than it was presumed to have eliminated.

Another leading impact of technology on jobs is that it has increased worker’s productivity to a noticeable optimum. Works that are sorted with technology have over time proved to be time effective, which in turn relieves workers of unnecessary workload and also saves workers from repeating tasks unnecessarily.

More so, technology plays a major role in the growth of the economy in that technological innovations have now successfully replaced manual labour and this transitioning has helped companies to expand their services. hence, a surge in job creation which would then mean an increase in revenue generation, and eventually economic growth for the government.

Technology has also made it possible for people to work from home, this implies that people can now work from the comfort of their homes without necessarily reducing the quality of the service rendered. This is especially very useful for pregnant women and nursing mums or those with one disability or another.

In the same vein, there are some jobs that are actually subjected to high risks such as, excavation, mining, chemical-related services and sky-scrapers building among others that have now been simplified by the creation of robots and machines.

However, it is also quite important to point out the fact that there are also a few negative impacts that technology has on jobs. Take for an example, the most recognized result of technological advancement on job opportunities is job loss. This said blow would first be felt by low-skilled workers, and some companies may also suffer a fatal blow if they cannot keep up with the trend of technological innovations.

Also, we can not also leave out the fact that while many low-skilled workers are losing their jobs due to the fact that their services are now being automated, even skilled workers are also losing their jobs when they cannot keep up with the more advanced level of technology known as“Artificial Intelligence”(AI)

Conclusively, irrespective of the high side and downside of the impact of technology on jobs, it is quite important to note that the use of technology is inevitable. As a matter of fact, it is that “gold” that every individual, organization and sector should mine and embrace as a matter of necessity. This is not just because of the benefits inherent in the concept of technology, but also more importantly because it is obviously the future and basically every forward-thinking person and establishment understands that absence of technology guarantees no progress.

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