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My parents were not Christians by any means, I was born 1,000 gram weight as premature baby, lots of health problems for the first few years.

By the time I was 15 years old, I was part of an evil group that was very bad; not going into full details, but all those horrific things you read about what Satanists do, we did. I was Christ’s worst enemy, I was willing and wanted to accept all that is evil.

Years later, I met a wonderful woman who I love very much, and she became my wife. I learned she spoke of a baby boy she prayed for years ago in the early 1980s that was very sick, she described the symptoms and all doctors that worked on the baby boy.

It was me she had prayed for over two decades ago. Later, who would have known her future husband would have been me. Long story short, I had to willingly confess to Christ all the horrific, evil things I had done.

Here I am years later. Completely turning away from satanism and black magic, then serving our LORD Jesus Christ in faith, pure heart, honest and love.

Truly, LORD Jesus Christ redeems and saves souls, but you have to confess and have a true willing desire for him to enter your heart.

A Christian brother from United States

Brothers and sisters, the LORD has done a lot for me.

In 2015, my life almost came to a halt, people around me concluded that it was over for me, then I was even contemplating suicide and all the while still seeking God’s intervention which was my only hope.

But to God be the glory, God rescued me. Honestly, I still can’t explain how I made it this far or how I got out of the problem, I had them in 2015. It is still all like a dream. I GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY.

Godwin From Germany

I Was young when I first asked for forgiveness, but I walked away without the saved feeling. I have had nine very close calls with death.

The last experience has changed my life forever. I saw the light. It was like nothing you could compare with anything on earth. The feeling of Love, total freedom, and complete relaxation; as though the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

I asked Jesus to forgive me all my sins. The feelings increased tenfold. It was the best feeling I have ever had. I was told to go and spread the gospel. God loves you all.

Dustan from United States

God indeed answers prayers. Last week Wednesday, a pregnant woman delivered a child and passed out. But after they prayed, the God of resurrection brought her back to life. Glory be to God!

Bro Tunde from Nigeria

We were involved in a serious accident which took almost all the life of everybody that were in the bus with me, my daughter that sited beside me in the bus was seriously affected by the accident, she was rushed to hospital and she died at the hospital; then my pastor told me and my wife to be praising God, after five hours of praising God, my daughter came back to life.


Brother Emmanuel Buba of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Delta Province 5, Delta State, Nigeria.

I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and that of my family. My wife took ill and had to take her to the hospital where she spent a week on admission but I bless the name of the LORD for showing Himself faithful and granting her healing.

Bro. Bankole Daniel of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Victory Assembly, Region 7 Hq, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

God gave me a bouncing baby girl after 17 years of marriage and trusting God for my own child. Another surprising thing is that, there is a couple in my compound, they came twice to give gift to my baby girl, then they said that LORD when will their own come, and I told them to carry my baby girl. To God be the glory, God solved their problem and gave them a testimony.

Praise the LORD!


Pastor Elias of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Bethel Parish, Korle-bu junction, opp former 80 gym, Larterbiokoshie Accra, Ghana.

I was going from Obalende to Apapa with one of my friends whose name is Collins, when we got to Ijora Olopa, we were looking for a bus that will take us to our destination, we were standing by the side of the road, we faced each other and we were discussing; to my surprise, I saw that my friend turned back and ran away, then I looked at my back and I saw a bus coming toward my direction with speed, it was very close to me and the break of the bus has already failed, the driver has loss control and there is no how I can escape, so I shouted the blood of Jesus, “to the glory of God”, something I can not explain diverted the bus to a different direction, the bus only scratch my hand a little because of the closeness and matched the tray of banana that they put beside where I was standing.

Nevertheless, the bus scattered both the tray of banana and the iron net that they used in demarcating the road and fell on the other side of the road. Then me and my friend rushed down to where the bus fell and we were able to rescue the people that were in the bus, as I was bringing out some of the people in the bus through the window of the bus that was facing up, my friend broke the wind screen of the bus so that the remaining people can come out of the bus through the place, and they all came out of the bus safely. There were four infant children, one pregnant woman, some men and women in the bus, but nothing happen to anyone of them. Truly, safety is of the LORD and there is power in the blood of Jesus.

Praise the LORD!

Prophet David Ehizojie (Founder/Director of the Ark of Testament of God and Ambassador of King Jesus Army for needy).

I want to glorify the name of the LORD. I was very ill that I could not even come to the Church. But I encouraged myself in the LORD and managed to come for the Holy Communion service in the evening, believing that I will receive my healing. To God be the glory, as soon as I took the Communion, I felt strength come into me from nowhere and I have been feeling strong since then.

Brother Awokoya of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Turning Point Zonal Headquarters, Zone 6, Dutse Alhaji, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

I was traveling from Lagos to Abuja for an appointment at the Embassy of Israel, I entered a car with a youth copper whose name is Patrick, we met a lady and her sick mother in the car with the driver of the car who happen to be a pastor of the lady and he is also a pastor in the Synagogue Church, we were told that the lady paid her pastor to take her and her sick mother from Kano to the Headquarter of Synagogue Church at Ikotun in Lagos State for the healing of her mother because her mother was attacked spiritually.

The lady believed that her pastor will take her and her mother back to Kano after the healing of her mother because that was what they both agreed on but unfortunately, her mother was not healed after their one week of staying in the Synagogue Church, then they decided to go back to Kano, when they wanted to leave Lagos, they picked me and Patrick at the toll gate because we all were going to the same direction and they needed more money to buy fuel due to the fact that they have exhausted all their money.

On our way going, the car had a fault but God helped us and we continued the journey, when we were about to reach Abaji village in Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, there was a police road block ahead of us, the police men that blocked the road were in the other side of the road, nothing to indicate to us that there is a road block ahead of us and it was around 8:30 in the night, the driver was on high speed and he was distracted by the argument between him and the  lady in the car, then the car hit the things that the police men used to block the road and the driver lost control, immediately the front tire and the ream of the right side condemned completely.

The ream in the back tire of the right side also cut at the top and the air in the tire leaked away completely, then the car was facing the gutter that was used to demarcate the two lane, the car wanted to enter into the gutter with high speed, all of us in the car were shouting the blood of Jesus, suddenly the car turned back to the main road and faced a J5 bus that was coming from our back, “to the Glory of God,” God used the J5 bus to stop the car without any casualty and God also granted me a journey mercy. May His name alone be praised and exalted forever in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Praise the living Jesus for He reigns.

Prophet David Ehizojie (Founder/Director of the Ark of Testament of God and Ambassador of King Jesus Army for needy).

Please, join me to praise the LORD Jesus Christ for the tides have turned in my favor.


Prophet David Ehizojie (founder of the Ark of Testament of God and Ambassador of King Jesus Army for needy).