While growing up from a child to an adult, we all have heard a lot about the incidence of violence in the newspaper, social media apps, and television. Violence is the intentional use of force to suppress the weaker and harm them physically. These include domestic abuse, sexual violence, physical abuse, and psychological abuse.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of violence in society. Media is the root cause of disseminating violence in society. Visualizing violence, slashed self-esteem, and horrible childhood experiences may also trigger violence. Incessant exposure to violence impacts human minds and promotes aggressive behavior.

In most cases, women and children are the foremost victims of violence. Every 1 out of 3 women in the world is the victim of violence, as per WHO figures. Gender-based violence is predominantly domestic. 1 out of 4 children visualizes domestic violence in their homes. According to a WHO report, approximately 1 billion children have suffered violence in the last year.


Violence always generates life-threatening consequences. It results in depression, promotes crimes, and produces cowardly individuals with lowered self-esteem. It also harms the physical and mental health of individuals suffering from violence. It also results in an increased number of suicidal deaths. Children who suffer violence may fall prey to alcoholism, risky sexual activities, smoking, depression, and drugs.


The need of society is to generate ways to end violence among our children, women, and suppressed nations. The world demands rules and regulations to put an end to this brutal act. Several ways can help us all in standing against this vicious act.

Raise your voice: What’s wrong is wrong. Never suffer for something not fruitful. Take all types of abuse seriously and speak up for your right. Don’t suffer, and do take help from others. Tell a trustworthy person if you are facing abuse or violence. Do take their opinion.

Stand for others: To end violence, we need to stand together as a nation. Every individual must speak up for the right of others. If a person sees another person suffering, he must shout out the wrong and stand against it. If you don’t speak for wrong, you also become a part of it.

Help the victims: We must provide moral support to the sufferers. Victims might be suffering from psychological problems. We must comfort the victims and help them with their psychological issues. They must be encouraged to participate in healthy and engaging activities to ease their pain.

Don’t follow others unnecessarily: Mostly, we do what we see. Most of the abusers are the ones who grow up watching violence. Also, some are the ones who do this because their friends do it. One must not follow others and make a decision themselves about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Refraining from Anger: Anger is a key to violence. We all must handle our anger issues. Showing anger is not a symbol of strength but is of weakness. We can end violence globally if we can individually control our wrath.

Creating Awareness: Raising awareness and addressing this issue can help end violence. Entities like The Ark of Testament of God LLC are working for the betterment of humanity. They are conducting seminars for placing an end to violence.

United Nations should recognize and join hands with “The Ark of Testament of God LLC” to spread positivity in the world. We can together bring a change and heal the world.
Stay peaceful and keep spreading positivity. This way, we can together fight violence and make the world a calm place to live.

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