We are getting to the end of year 2020 and still we haven’t figured out how to overcome the situation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) Pandemic. We barely have started this year and now we are at the end of it. Most of us had some goals and some dreams to fulfil this year but now we are sitting in our homes hardly even surviving on our savings.

Even though rich and powerful people are finding ways to generate money in this stressful situation, poor people are under the mental pressure of how to sustain themselves in this situation.

The world will have 88-115 million ‘new extreme poor people’ in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus disease pandemic, a new World Bank report released has said that “The number could rise to 150 million by 2021”. Most of the new extreme poor will be in countries that already have high poverty rates. Several middle-income countries will see significant numbers of people slip below the extreme poverty line. About 82 per cent of the total will be in middle-income countries according to the new World Bank estimates.

Due to this long lock down, the jobless poor families are forced to lock down their hunger too. Many people are forced to lose their life in the streets, while some people are choosing suicide as the best alternative to the hunger.

When the government implemented lock down, most of the people that worked day and night just to earn their daily bread started to face major problems. Every sector of the country started facing economic problems as well as mental pressure. Education sector is also hampered a lot due to this lock down. But like others who are worried about the future days and how to continue their business in future.

We should be worried about those who don’t even have shelter to survive, food to eat, water to drink, who have been stranded in different countries and at different borders. What is going to happen to them? How are they going to survive? They can’t even pay for their food, then how are they going to pay for their medications or hospital bills?

Children are highly vulnerable to even short periods of hunger and malnutrition potentially affecting them for their whole life. If we act now, we can prevent and contain the pandemic threat facing the poorest countries and some of the most vulnerable children.

Will life before COVID-19 Pandemic ever come back? If yes, how much time it will take to retrieve from it, could homeless people and people that have no food ever survive this, what should the government do to protect their citizens and people that are in their Country?

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