“Handwork” means “any work that is done by hands and not by machines or any other thing”. 
The hands are unique and beautiful part of the human being, and they bring us important and far reaching experiences. Thus, hands need to be skillful, sensitive and strong so that they can accomplish many wonderful deeds. We need to learn that how blind person sees the whole world through his hands how a handshake tells about another person. Unfortunately, most of the people are unaware of the knowledge that can be gained when the hands are used in useful and sensitive ways.
The handwork lays a good foundation in nurturing our talents. Being active with our hands, can often help our mind to coordinate, concentrate and self correct. This is because when we make use of our hands to do something, we often tend to silent our mind leading to a natural way of releasing stress and helping ourselves with the emotional processes. Hand work can be an intensively effective relaxation tool by directing our mind tourism meet with the rhythm of our hands.
Some kind of work with one’s hands would be beneficial on every course, at every level of education and training, whether or not what is related to the rest of the course. This applies even to universities, perhaps especially to universities where it is absolutely essential, though seldom acknowledged, that students need to balance their predominantly left brain work with some right brain activity.
Of course, there are some subjects that do not seem to be suitable for practical activities. However, such subjects can still create some educational experiences that may help students to learn to judge their own progress. For example, students who submit essays are frequently mystified about what is expected of them. We can teach them to judge the value of the essay they produce. For this reshuffle the notebooks of all the students and then ask each of them to allocate marks to the essay in front of them, without consulting anybody. Then ask each student to tell the reason behind the number of marks he allotted to the essay before him. This exercise makes students aware of relative importance of different ideas of which they might have not even thought of, but heard about from other students.
Similarly, in subjects like mathematics or accounting, where there are calculations to be practiced, help students to learn to judge for themselves whether they can do the work or not without the help of answers and solutions. With this they can master the skill of solving a question in a quick manner in their mind itself. In fact, when the brain is not able to remember something quickly and for a long period, writing that down helps the brain to learn and remember seventy percent of the content written without even making any special effort to learn it.
Handwork, thus, works as a photograph that a brain captures and brain tends to remember photogenic things more than something that is in writing. Today, it has even become clear that the mind develops from creativity and knowledge and the skill develops with the practice. The potential for creativity expands as a child develops his ability to observe, as he learns effective and efficient ways to use tools, as he refines his hands, as he has an opportunity to witness and experience examples of great art in all the various media, and as he gains a greater understanding of the elements of design.
Thus, we should make our children well trained in handwork. The time for perfecting movement is in the first six years of life. And so, whatever we do with the children, whether it is working with the sensorial and practical life materials, handling a book, or using a pencil, we always would show a child the most efficient and effective way to use a tool.  And we would give him simple things to do until his hands were more skilled at using any particular tool.


Education is an effort of the senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society. It is thus an insti¬tution, which plays a vital role in integrating an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture. Emile Durkheim defines education as “the influence exercised by the adult generation upon those who are not yet ready for adult life”.
Schools exist for education, and that education is best at educates best, rather than that which has the largest number of students or the biggest buildings. Education is not about learning something but it is about becoming something different from what you were before. It is not the knowledge that develops the man but thinking. For a man to be educated he must learn to think. To cram facts into the memory is not education. Though, facts are useful as material for an education but the education is in the man, while the facts are. The ability of a man to learn to think clearly, accurately, easily, rapidly and strongly is said to be the education of the man.
In such competitive world, it is must for all to have good education. The importance of higher education has become essential in getting good job and status in life. Proper education creates lots of ways to go ahead in the future. It makes us strong mentally, socially and intellectually by increasing our knowledge level and technical skills. Education plays a key role in creating patriotic, disciplined and productive manpower.
Education is fundamental to human progress. It plays a prominent role all – around development of individual as well as society. A large number of books have already been written on the importance of education. It means the fostering of personality through the unhampered development of innate qualities of human being. It aims at integrated development of personality.
Education is the most significant tool in eliminating poverty and unemployment. It enhances the commercial scenario and benefits the country overall. So, the higher the level of education in a country, the better the chances of development are. In addition, this education also benefits an individual in various ways. It helps a person take a better and informed decision with the use of their knowledge. This increases the success rate of a person in life. 
Subsequently, education is also responsible for providing with an enhanced lifestyle. It gives you career opportunities that can increase your quality of life.
Similarly, education also helps in making a person independent. When one is educated enough, they won’t have to depend on anyone else for their livelihood. They will be self-sufficient to earn for themselves and lead a good life.
Above all, education also enhances the self-confidence of a person and makes them certain of things in life. When we talk from the countries viewpoint, even then education plays a significant role. Educated people vote for the better candidate of the country. This ensures the development and growth of a nation.
In ancient times, the education was confined to the ‘twice-born’ castes and the upper classes. The organizational structure was inscriptive and hereditary. The lower castes, particularly the scheduled castes, were denied education. But, in modern times, education is exoteric, open and liberal. The world-view is scientific-rational; the theme consists of freedom, equality, humanism and denial of faith in dogma and supersti¬tions. The course contents are rationalistic and in tune with the needs of the present-day society. The modern education lays emphasis on the subjects like freedom, nationality, law, human rights, democracy and scientific world view.
The other parts of education are the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which are often organized for total personality development of a student.
Education is definitely important in one`s life. A gift of knowledge can bring us to the top of our dreams. It leads us to the right path and gives us a chance to have a wonderful life. Education makes people capable of doing new interesting things that can go a long way to improving human living conditions and standards.
Our whole life is the process of learning and gaining new useful knowledge. We should always remember that getting a good education is imperative in today`s society as it is a foundation of our successful future. Education is really worth investment only if you believe and work hard you can achieve anything.


Career is an important aspect of any person’s life. It determines the kind of lifestyle one will lead and his/her position in the society. While everyone dreams of a good lifestyle not everyone is able to build a strong career that can ensure the same.
Career is usually associated with the professional aspect of a person’s life. However, some even relate it to an individual’s life and learning in addition to his work. Be it a boy or a girl, these days career is given a lot of importance in a person’s life. From the beginning itself, we are asked to concentrate on our studies and score well in the exams. The ultimate motif of doing this is to build a strong base and fetch good grades that would help you build a lucrative career.
The career path you choose has a major impact on various other aspects of your life. It determines your status in the society, your lifestyle, your social circle and even your relations with your relatives. It is thus important to choose your career wisely.
How to Choose your Career?
Choosing a career is a big decision and the irony is that we are not prepared to take such a big decision at the time we require taking it. We are still in our school when we have to choose between the science, commerce and humanities stream that mainly influences the career path we take up later. While earlier, it was parents, teachers and elder siblings who largely influenced our career choice, children these days have become more aware with the advancement in the internet.
The selection of a career or profession is one of the most important things of life. But it is equally difficult. The lack of guiding services, proper counseling and ever increasing unemployment has further complicated the matter.
There is cut-throat competition. Therefore, most of the young men and women in search of suitable jobs are a confused, indecisive and frustrated lot. It has generated a deep sense of frustration and indiscipline among the young people. A good choice may lead to happy, prosperous and satisfying career and life. On the other hand, a wrong selection may result in failure, disappointment and sadness in life. 
You must consider a number of factors before deciding on your career. Each factor plays a significant role in your choice. Firstly, always assess yourself thoroughly. You must understand your area of interest to choose a career. For instance, someone who dances well can surely become a doctor, but his interest will always be in dance. Thus, ensure that you have the caliber to perform well in the field you choose. This will come from your area of interest itself.
After that, you look for the opportunities available as per your area of interest. Now that you are aware of what you like and dislike, you can easily look for occupations matching your passion. Make a list of the occupations you can get into following your interests. Furthermore, shorten the list you have prepared. You must do so as per what suits you best. Consult with your seniors and parents to make informed decisions.
Most importantly, acquire the skills for the career option you are interested in. Ensure you earn the qualifications and degrees for it. Try taking training programs to enhance your skills. This will give you an upper hand in knowing whether you are correct in choosing the specific career plan. Furthermore, create an impressive resume which can help you get the right opportunities.
Thus, you must choose your career cautiously as various aspects of your life are attached to it. Take your time, explore all the options, seek advice from those who are experienced and then take a decision. Once you choose a career, work hard so that you are able to get into the field of your choice.


From the television you watch to the mobile phone you use to connect with your near and dear ones, from the car you drive to the refrigerator you use to store your food, from the air conditioners you use to beat the heat to the laptops you use to accomplish various tasks –  everything is a gift of technology.
Technology is basically the application of information to build equipment and devices that can be put to different use. Technology has gradually become a part of our everyday life. The term technology has been derived from Greek words technne and logos. Technne means the skill required to craft something and logos stands for knowledge or discussion about something.
Technology thus means the use of knowledge to create something to enhance life. Several big and small things we use in our day-to-day lives have been an outcome of technological development.
Scientists conduct research and experiment with different things to come up with newer ideas. Technologists use these ideas to develop newer devices. People these days have grown extremely accustomed to the use of these technological inventions that they simply cannot do without them.
Thus technology, depending upon its various productive inventions in various fields has been broadly divided into various categories such as:-
Alternative Technology
This type of technology is known to be environment friendly compared to the other technologies that are more dominant in today’s scenario. Some of the examples of alternative technology include the use of wind turbines to produce electricity, the process of composting, use of solar panels, anaerobic digestion, biodiesel, vegetable oil, wind generators and grey-water recycling.
Creative Technology
It includes art, product design and advertising made with the use of software based, electronic or data-driven device. This includes the use of 3D printing, computer graphics, virtual reality and wearable technology among other things.
Assistive Technology
This involves making use of different kinds of goods and services to aid people with disabilities. It includes non-mechanical, non-electronic aids, mechanical, electronic and microprocessor-based equipment as well as exclusive instructional materials and services to assist disabled people in learning and functioning. It is also used to make the environment easily accessible for them.
Micro Technology
It is basically a technology that makes use of microelectronics. It was in the year 1960 that the scientists learned that by bringing together microscopic transistors on one chip, one could build microelectronic circuits that can enhance performance and functionality with reduced cost.
Medical Technology
As the name suggests, this type of technology produces various devices and equipment to diagnose and treat different medical conditions affecting human beings and animals.
Information Technology
It involves the utilization of computer systems and telecommunication to study, store, send and retrieve information. Internet is the most common example of information technology.
While technology has made life convenient for us, the negative repercussions it has cannot be overlooked. The use of technology for improving one’s way of living is fine. However, addiction with technological devices can prove to be disastrous. Unfortunately, we have come a way too far when it comes to using the technology.
Almost everyone today is glued to the technology these days. One of the apt examples of this can be the cell phones. Whether you are in a café, office or at home – everyone around just seems busy fiddling with his/her smart phone. Similar is the addiction to air conditioners. During summers, it is almost impossible to sit without air conditioners. Summers used to be as hot a few years ago too but people did without this air cooling device but now it has become an addiction.
Another example of technological addiction is the use of vehicles. We have almost forgotten how it is like to walk. Technology makes communication faster and more convenient. However, it can also depersonalize conversations and make bullying a much easier task when you don’t have to divulge your real identity.
Many people end up replacing face-to-face contact with contact via messengers or texting. This can cause isolation and may lead to other mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. With new technology the industrialization increases which give birth to many pollutions like air, water, soil, and noise. Also, they cause many health-related issues in animals, birds, and human beings.
Another negative effect of technology is that new technology requires new resources for which the balance is disturbed. Eventually, this will lead to over-exploitation of natural resources which ultimately disturbs the balance of nature. Another factor is that a single machine can replace many workers. Also, machines can do work at a constant pace for several hours or days without stopping but this is only the reason that many workers lost their job which ultimately increased unemployment. Thus, technology seems addictive due to the convenience and easy sources of comfort and entertainment it offers.
However, being one with the nature is no less ecstatic. Try striking a balance between the two and you will see how your life changes for good.


“Health is wealth” and Health is better than wealth” are well-known and oft repeated sayings. These underline a vital fact of life. Without good health nothing is of much use. Without good health and physical fitness life would become a burden and a tasteless thing. 
Fitness represents the body’s physical strength and overall ability to sustain physical exertion.
A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Physical and mental fitness play very important roles in your lives and people who are both, physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well. Those who are sick, ill or weak in health are found dejected, nervous, hopeless and without any zest for life and its activities.
Fitness does not only refer to being physically fit, but also refers to a person’s mental state as well. If a person is physically fit, but mentally unwell or troubled, he or she will not be able to function optimally. Mental fitness can only be achieved if your body is functioning well. You can help relax your own mind and eliminate stresses by exercising regularly and eating right.
Good health and fitness is not something which one can achieve entirely on our own. It depends on their physical environment and the quality of food intake. We live in villages, towns, and cities.
In such places, even our physical environment affects our health. Therefore, our social responsibility of pollution-free environment directly affects our health. Our day-to-day habits also determine our fitness level. The quality of food, air, water all helps in building our fitness level.
Physical fitness is very necessary for a healthy and tension free life. Physical fitness includes diet, exercise and sleep. These three basic things have their own importance in each individual’s life and everyone should be sensible with regard to these for a healthy life.
Diet is the kind of food that we take. As our life depends upon it we must know, how much to eat and when to eat. Therefore, one should “eat to live and not live to eat”. Whatever is pleasing to our eyes, whatever is pleasing to our tongue and whatever we feel pleased with after eating may be taken as long as your digestion, body weight, strength and activities are normal. Diet should be simple and light rather than heavy, but it should be always rich and pretentious.
Health and fitness are not only about physical appearance or muscle, but it is also about being internally, mentally and emotionally fit that will largely influence your day to day life. In earlier days people like our grandparents have kept good care of their health and fitness through healthy food and by leading a better lifestyle.
The recent generation was more ignorant of its health and fitness, but the situation has changed a lot recently. Better awareness about the importance of health and fitness has made everyone seriously working on this problem and find ways to stay healthier.
The basic step towards fitness is by keeping yourself calm and relaxed. This will help you in being both mentally and bodily fit to some extent. Exercises and other forms of workouts like dancing, yoga, etc., are the best ways to keep yourself fit and these practices will also, in turn, help you to be calm and composed.
Routine exercise helps improve our muscle power. Exercise helps in good oxygen supply and blood flow throughout the body. Heart and lungs work efficiently. Our bones get strong and joints have the pain free movement.
We should daily spend at least twenty minutes in our exercise. Daily morning walk improves our fitness level. We should avoid strenuous Gym activities. Exercise burns our fat and controls the cholesterol level in the body. Various outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc keeps our body fit. Regular exercise maintains our body shape.
A person stays happier when he/she is fit and healthy. A fit and healthy person is less prone to chronic diseases. The healthy mind reacts better in a pressure situation. The self-confidence of a person is increased. Risk of heart failure is reduced drastically. With the increased immunity power body could fight cancerous cells. The intensity of the fracture is decreased with regular exercise.