A caring attitude is not much of a personality but something that everyone can learn. This world can still be a better place, everybody just needs to learn how to care for people regardless of their tribe, culture, status, educational background, color, religion and so on.

It simply means the act of showing concern for others and taking further steps to express it in action. So, you cannot be caring and not showing it.

The answer is “everybody” whether strangers, relatives, friends or colleagues. A caring person doesn’t discriminate. You can’t say you care for others when you are only concerned about those that you know. As humans, we are tempted to avoid caring for strangers or people who cannot help us back but this is something we have to unlearn; there is an adage that says “if someone closes his or her eyes for a bad person to pass, when a good person is passing he or she will not know”. It is in the Bible that Abraham entertained some strangers unknowingly to him that they are Angels of God and he was blessed.

Showing care to everyone goes a longer way than we can even imagine. A lot of people wake up every day feeling worthless, many are tired of life too. But, just one show of concern can help them to have a reason to live. Many times, we find people committing suicide, this is sometimes caused by the lack of care you show to people around you. In short, by caring for others, you give them a reason to live again.

There are several ways you can show care to others and since care is more of an action thing than mere words, I am going to mention five steps of showing good care to others.

  1. A caring smile: Instead of snubbing someone, you can decide to care for such with your smile; believe me, just one smile can bring joy to a person feeling hopeless.
  2. Give your time: You can give your time too; this is another thing that speaks volumes and can make people open up to you. Time is a very important factor, giving your time is like laying down your life and not everybody can do this. We can remember that our LORD Jesus Christ gave His time up to the level of laying down His life for the good of mankind and humanity, ever since then we have access to salvation and eternal life.
  3. Give a Listening Ear: This goes a long way too. It is one thing to give your time, and it is another thing to give a listening ear. You should cultivate the act of listening to others no matter what you view as right or wrong, it is another way to show care for others.
  4. Care with your money: Another efficient way to care for others is when you give some of your money to people in need regardless of whether they can repay the gesture or not. You must learn to always give some of your money to needy. Imagine what the world would be like today if we did not have the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and others that care for others generously with their donations. You don’t need to have as much money as these people have before you can care for others with your money, just give according to your ability.
  5. Care with your knowledge: Knowledge is power but it is useless without necessary action. If you know something that can change someone’s life for good, you must share it. You may think that sharing knowledge takes it away from you, no because caring for others with your knowledge only makes you wiser and more knowledgeable. When you care for others this way, you will find kindness being replicated on and on, and that is exactly what brings about a better world that we all want.

Essentially, by caring for others, we can actualize the better world for all nations.

Remember that caring for others doesn’t have to be something so huge, it can be something as small as a smile, giving someone money for lunch or just even hanging around with somebody with a willingness to listen to them and be of good help.

Your impact can be felt too, you can make that decision today and join or sponsor organizations like The Ark of Testament of God LLC that has chosen to be making a good impact in the life of everybody in the entire world through writing on various issues that can bring about the betterment of all nations and also organize a weekly live seminar on topics that will be enhancing security and peace via television but it will also be transmitted in for everybody in the entire world to participate in it.

So from now on, wherever you are, start doing good things that will benefit people, don’t be selfish at all, give from what you have and you will be blessed, care for others genuinely, do your part to make the entire world a better place. God bless you.

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