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Have you ever wondered to know those who rule the world and that got you thinking shit out of yourself?

In case you don’t know, I’m going to tell you point blank that Talent rules the world.

There is virtually no one on Earth without a unique characteristics, and that is what makes men distinctive. It is called Comparative Advantage in Business, that is, what you are good at compared to others.

Talent is an exceptional natural ability human has, especially in a particular activity, such as Music, Acting, Science, Writing, Architecture, Creativity, Sports, etcetera. Talent is often thought of as the kind of ability that comes without training, that is; in-born (God-given), but we fail to realize that it can also be acquired and developed through practices. Generally, people that trained to achieve such are called skilled but can as well be called Talented since there will still be people that cannot do such things.

“Doing easily what others find difficult is talent; doing what is impossible with talent is genius.” – Henri Frederic Amiel

Therefore, if you have talent and practically do nothing with it, you are just depriving yourself from good benefits because talent is like electricity, even though we don’t understand electricity but it is very important and we are making use of it.

Have you ever asked yourself where you will find people with wasted talent? I guess you have not. Don’t bother surfing the net, it is grave. A lot of people died without achieving success with their talents because they could not make use of their talents and they could not project theirselves as creatives. That is why the grave is called the richest place in the world. There is an adage that says that “why there is life there is hope”. Meaning that there is no late time for Success, you can still achieve success as far as you are still alive.


It is in human nature to give up when things are not working or yielding as expected, but there are ways to overcome.

  1. Love and be happy with your talent: to be successful with your talent, you have to love and derive joy in it. This will build up your passion for it and also make you to have confidence that you will be successful with your talent. In other words, it will make you never to quit and also make you to always move forward till you are successful with your talent.

  2. Have a good attitude and good mindset: a good attitude and good mindset always attract good things. “Success is a good achievement from talent and hardwork”. Believe that you can be successful and you will be successful.

  3. Always do what is right: know this, things may not always go as planned because of bad economy and bad situations. You may face some difficulties and trials, you might even feel tempted to find an easy alternative which is contrary to the success. So just Keep doing what is right and stand by it because Integrity is a powerful tool for success.

  4. Time Management: time is the most expensive commodity in life. The way we choose to spend our time determines how far we will go. Either you waste your time or you utilize it well, always remember that you have 24 hours in a day, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds the same as everyone in the entire world to project your talent to the world.

  5. Always be prepared: the 5P’s of life states that “Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” When you are prepared, you don’t allow the unexpected to stop you from achieving success because you are always thinking positively and doing relevant things in order to move forward in life. The people that succeed in life are the people that are always ready to utilize good opportunities whenever good opportunities come.

  6. Always do your best to glorify God with your talents: what God need from every body is not only about the good utilisation of talents, He also want to see the ability to go extra miles in glorifying Him with your talents and been committed to the good of mankind and humanity.

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